January 30, 2023

Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 1 million vehicles that are older than it because of concerns regarding their brake systems.


An estimated 993,407 cars are being removed from the market, according to reports cited by Germany’s Federal Transport Authority.

The company announced its recall with a statement sent to us on the morning of Monday.

Mercedes announced that it has discovered a problem with the brake boosters of certain models made several years back.

The issue means that sudden brakes on affected vehicles can result in mechanical damages and, in rare instances, there is a higher chance of injury or accident, according to the BBC.

“As part of its commitment to safety, Mercedes-Benz has decided to contact the owners of potentially affected vehicles,” an official from the company told our via email.

“We begin the recall process right away. This will include inspecting potentially affected vehicles, and, based on the findings from the examination, we will replace parts if needed. While the inspection process is in progress we request our customers to refrain from driving in their cars.”

What cars are subject to a recall?

Mercedes claimed that the issue was found in some ML and GL-Class models of SUVs and also in a few minivans from the R-Class class.

The vehicles affected were built between 2004 and 2015.

What should you do if you find your car listed

Mercedes has announced that it will notify the owners of the affected vehicles.

The recall takes place immediately, and those who own vehicles with the brake issue will likely receive a call from the company shortly.

The owners of the affected vehicles are advised not to drive their vehicles for a while.

Does Mercedes fix recalls for free?

Mercedes has announced that it will examine any vehicles at risk and replace any damaged parts if needed.

Do you think Mercedes take over it?

There was no indication by the auto manufacturer of its plans to replace cars in which the fault with braking has been discovered.

In 2011, Mercedes recalled almost 1.3 million vehicles within the U.S. over a security issue with the emergency call system, also known as well.

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