Is the ‘The Ellen Show’ getting cancelled? Here’s why it should be

Talk shows can go good or bad depending on the host and what’s being put out there. While, for years, Ellen DeGeneres was the queen of daytime talk after Oprah bowed out of the scene. Lately, the tide has turned against her and The Ellen Show. Largely due to Ellen’s supposed bad behavior behind the scenes of her talk show. From celebrity callouts to Twitter stories, people are getting tired of Ellen.

Now the question remains, should The Ellen Show end? Is it time for the host to hang up her suits for good? Based on the accounts of celebrity clapbacks and stories shared on Twitter, something should be done. With the fight in Hollywood for less toxic work environments, there is something not right about The Ellen Show if all those stories are true.

Seriously, if a rule is “Don’t look Ellen in the eyes” then something is not right. So should The Ellen Show be cancelled? Yes. If Ellen can’t make the lasting changes between her onscreen and behind the scenes actions, then it should end. Here’s what needs to be done if The Ellen Show should continue.


The thing about celebrities is that they’re all a little bit two-faced. There’s the public person and the real one that only those closest get to see. Maybe in some celebs those lines are blurred, but, if these Ellen stories are true, then she definitely is, well, two-faced. People watch The Ellen Show because she preaches being kind to one another.

If she can’t do so off-camera, then why should we watch The Ellen Show at all?

A comedian and actor, Chris Farah recalled a time Ellen nearly got her fired for chipped nail polish. 

“She wrote a letter to the owner & complained about my chipped nail polish (not that it was on her plate but just that it was on my hand). I had worked till closing the night before & this was next morn, almost got me fired.”

Farah would later say to Insider, “I was just so surprised she’d take time out of her day to be negative to someone who served her, who was obviously on a lower position than her and also probably an artist of some kind. It was just petty and cruel and shortsighted on her part, and for what? To put out negative and harmful energy to others is toxic.”


The Ellen Show is meant to be a down to earth sort of vibe. Or, at least, it’s how it presents itself. Like inviting a friend in to watch. During quarantine, however, it’s become clearer that Ellen can’t really connect to the average person anymore. Granted, it’s something we wonder about a lot of celebrities.

Still there’s a disconnect between having her preach empathy, and then calling her multi-million dollar home a prison during quarantine. There’s promoting LGBTQ+ rights and then there’s being friends with someone like George W. Bush, you know? 

Also during the quarantine comparison to prison, she said, “Being in quarantine is like being in jail. It’s mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for ten days and everyone in here is gay.”

And like, Ellen, c’mon! You shouldn’t joke about stuff like prison rape. It just feels one-off from the “don’t drop the soap” comments people get if they’re heading to jail.


Being a talk show host is difficult to say the least. But some of the best, or the ones doing the most interesting things, are the people who feel the most genuine. John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Lilly Singh, they all feel like real people with real concerns and the like. They share their personal stories and connect with the audience in a genuine way.

The Ellen Show did that once, but the time has past and now it feels like a veneer of falsehoods. It’s hard to watch her with the knowledge of what she can really be like in our heads. Yes, death of the author, separate the truth from the screen. Here’s the thing though, The Ellen Show is based in reality. So we have to believe the Ellen on the screen is who she truly is.

And she isn’t. So that’s why the show should end.