New legislation introduced in the Board of Aldermen to close the St. Louis Workhouse

ST. LOUIS – Legislation was introduced Tuesday which if passed would begin the process of shutting down the St. Louis Medium Security Jail commonly called the Workhouse.

The measure was introduced buy Aldermanic President Lewis Reed.

Reed says the Workhouse would be shut down in about a half year if his bill passes.

He says it would also create a program to help cut the number of repeat offenders. And says it would create a neighborhood safety fund where communities could decide how to use to make their neighborhoods safer.

Reed says the money to do that would come from the savings from closing the Workhouse.

The Krewson Administration slashed the Workhouse budget from $16 million down to 8 million dollars.

The facility was built to hold 1,100 inmates now holds just 92.

Activist have been pressing the city for years to close the facility.

But the St. Louis Public Safety Director who is over the jails says the city can’t close it right now because they have to have room to house accused offenders.

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