November 29, 2022

About 3,200 miles into the duration of its time in the vehicle the 2022 Kia Sorento showed the first indications of problems. After a trip of 360 miles across Wisconsin up to Wisconsin, “the Sorento began coughing and bucking on Interstate 94 and had trouble maintaining speed,” Rich Ceppos the director of the deputy edition for Buyer’s Guide, wrote in the logbook of the Kia.

After driving the Sorento to the truck stop, Ceppos turned the vehicle off, and then, a few minutes later, the car was back in motion. It was all back to normal which meant that Ceppos was able to complete the remainder of his trip throughout Badger State without any additional problems. This appears to be an isolated event however it is believed that the issue has recurred.

Since then, another issue relating to powertrains has surfaced.

It’s important to note it’s worth noting that this Sorento SX employs an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. And we’re guessing that the cool oil clutch in the gearbox could cause jolts within the vehicle at slower speeds. We noticed this issue during the initial weeks of Sorento’s stay in our house however, it turned out to be rare. The cause could be the clutch mechanism that runs the gears one, three, four five, and seven when these vibrations are evident when the vehicle is moving away from an end.

The issue was so uncommon that we did not inform the service adviser when we brought the Sorento to the service center for the checkup of 8,000 miles. The price is $134. visit that comprised an oil change and filter replacement, the change of filter and oil along with a tire rotation. In the nearly 2500 miles since the car was last serviced Kia shudders have become more frequent. We’ll be discussing this at your next appointment for maintenance.

The powertrain issue aside, our Sorento is receiving much acclaim for its exterior and interior design. The senior editor Joey Capparella found the exterior to be “fresh and well-proportioned”. The Sorento’s four-wheel drive’s 8.2 inches of room give the long-running vehicle an authentic SUV appearance, as opposed to the trucky look of front-wheel drive models which only have 6.9 inches of room. There is plenty of space. The slightly higher height is in line with the sleek exterior of the model, featuring black-painted 20-inch wheels as well as full LED headlights as well as fog lights. The style is sleeker than the more cluttered X-Line style. Kia is able to be combined with other models that have all-wheel drive. Sorento.

Similar words have been used to describe Sorento’s interior and exterior and exterior, as Associate Editor Caleb Miller characterizes Sorento’s surroundings as “clean and modern.” A few have praised Kia’s high-end materials, making the cabin feel and look significantly more luxurious than the price of $41,935 implies. We’re not quite sure what the durability of the white interior will last after the course of 40,000 miles.

The cabin in the Kia is in great condition, and there aren’t any obvious scratches on the seats or door panels caused by dirty hands, swollen hands, as well as blue jeans. However, we’re just about a quarter through our long-term assessment of the Sorento SX, and we expect long-distance road trips in the summer and family outings to the numerous Midwest lakes in order to check Kia’s strength. This includes its powertrain, as well as its interior.


Around five years ago we parted ways with our Kia Sorento, which was our last long-term rental. We’re now looking forward to welcoming a brand new 2022 Sorento to enjoy a longer stay.

Following the 2016 version of the Sorento SX’s 40,000-mile test, we wrote, “If Kia can inject some personality and greater features into the next version of this SUV, more people will be putting the Sorento on their radars. ” The experience we’ve had with our Sorento in the 2022 long-term model — along with our prior experiences with various versions of the updated fourth-generation model shows that the current version of Kia’s mid-sized SUV is far more refined than the predecessor model.

We did give the Sorento with the highest chance of success by choosing an engine that had the greatest power selection. We opted over the 191-hp standard naturally-aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder as well as ones with hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines and chose instead the turbocharged 281 horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder inline.

Its 2.5-liter turbo engine is only available in models like the EX, SX, and SX Prestige trim. It can be bought with either front or all-wheel drive. If you opt for the latter option, it will include a Snow feature for the different drive modes and increase the ground clearance up to 6.9 as well as 8.2 inches. All-wheel drive EX or SX Prestige models also come with an X Line style package that features an off-road-inspired design. appearance. The X-Line package is not available with Sapphire Blue from the SUV’s color scheme.

We wanted blue, and that’s the reason we selected an all-wheel-drive SX that retails at $49,165. The paint ($445) mats for the floor ($210) and the car mat ($115) resulted in the test price of $41,935.

The SX does not come with certain SX Prestige features, such as the surround-view display, electronic instrument cluster with the heated steering wheel, heated seats in the second row, as well as front seats that have air conditioning. The less expensive trim that costs $2900 comes with a variety of luxurious options. Its panoramic glass roof light illuminates the interior. Inside, there’s an in-car charger for smartphones that are wireless, and also dual-zone automated climate control, proximity keys that have a button that allows you to start and stop the car, as well as a 10.3-inch touchscreen that includes navigation and infotainment. Leather faux, in gray, covers the three seats that comprise heated and powered seats in the front. And in the middle row, there’s a captain’s chair. Speedometer and tachometer analogs form a compact but simple-to-read 4.2-inch Information display.

Alongside a set of 20-inch black painted wheels, the SX’s exterior is equipped with LED projector headlights, as well as Taillights with LEDs. These headlights are given the highest “Good” rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as opposed to the standard LED headlights found in the lower Sorento trims to get the lowest grade by IIHS “Poor”. The new headlights for the SX include additional safety and convenience features including adaptive cruise control as well as lane-keeping aid, blind-spot monitoring, lane centering as well as front park sensors.

Despite its numerous features, the 2022 Sorento SX’s curb weight of 4133 pounds was lower than the 2016 Sorento SX’s weight-to-weight of just 243 pounds. Kia’s choice to replace the model’s 3.3-liter V-6 engine with an inferior turbo four-cylinder could contribute to the weight reduction.

Although it’s only nine horses from its predecessor’s six-cylinder engine, the 2022 Sorento was able to hit 60 miles per hour with a speed of 6.0 seconds, which is one second faster than our previous Sorento long-term partner. It is because of the model’s updated diet, the turbocharged engine’s 311 pounds of torque that reached its peak around 1700 pm, and rapid shifting of its dual-clutch eight-speed transmission. The Sorento of 2016 could manage 252 pounds, a figure that was at 5300 rpm. It also had an incredibly slow torque converter that had just six forward speeds.

The 2022 Sorento’s length of 165 feet in stopping speed at 70mph and 0.84 grams of grip to the side that is lateral it has improved on the previous Sorento’s performance by around nine feet. 0.04 grams. In addition, these numbers beat other SUVs in the class. Our Sorento’s brake distance was eight feet lower than the more costly and close to the same weight but at a lower price of $20,000 Mercedes-AMG GLB35.

In line with its style and its first performance data, our 2022 Sorento is expected to offer the same level of sharpness we wanted from Sorento’s previous model. The question is how Kia has managed to substantially improve the efficiency of the vehicle is a different aspect. Like before the third row that can be used to accommodate two people, provides little room for adults, and the cargo capacity is significantly reduced when the row at the rear is in use.

In 2016 However, in 2016 in 2016, the Sorento was the biggest three-row SUV Kia was selling to customers across the United States. The inclusion of the more spacious 3-row Telluride into the line-up, the Telluride, it gives the Sorento the option of compromising certain functions in order to enhance and keep other features that customers in the mid-size SUV segment would like to have. We’ve got 4000 miles to test whether it’s the case in 2022 that the Kia Sorento will be able to succeed in completing this upgrade.

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