Rivals in Poland election runoff get no help from also-rans | World News

Bosak said his Confederation party would “keep equal distance” from both finalists. He told his supporters to vote in the runoff “according to your conscience, according to your mind.,” Choosing between Trzaskowski or Duda was like choosing between “an open enemy and a false friend, and you don’t know which is worse,” he said.

Duda has already bowed toward Bosak’s nationalist backers and Trzaskowski has mentioned similarities with those who have strong liberal views on the economy.

According to the Confederation party’s strategy, it can only grow when Law and Justice party that has governed Poland since late 2015 is weakened. Law and Justice is backing Duda’s reelection for a second five-year term.

Holownia’s supporters would seem a natural source for more votes for Trzaskowski. But the TV presenter said Tuesday that his young movement would not lend its backing elsewhere, though he said he personally planned to vote “against Andrzej Duda’s idea of presidency.”

Duda is trying to ascribe the problems Poles encounter in their lives to the opposition party Civic Platform, which governed Poland in 2007-2015, and to Trzaskowski, its deputy leader.

Trzaskowski argues that Duda follows the ruling party’s line too closely, telling voters that “hard times are coming, and we need a president who would watch the government’s hands.”