November 29, 2022
  • Steve Hamilton, a billionaire in aftermarket parts for cars, owns a $20,000,000 car collection.
  • His collection includes custom hypercars valued at millions of dollars, such as the Bugatti Chiron.
  • This article will discuss what it takes to maintain a collection such as this year-round.

Narrator He has dozens of cars and some of them are worth millions of dollars. The $20 million Hamilton collection is led by Steve Hamilton, founder of America’s largest tire and wheel distributors. Steve, unlike most collectors, loves to drive his cars and even shares them at charity events to raise funds for good causes. It is not easy to keep a collection as large and valuable as Steve’s in top condition. Steve shared his knowledge about maintaining a car collection worth $20 million and gave us details on the rarest and most valuable vehicles.

Steve HamiltonSo I started my company, SD Wheel, back in 2003. Because I work in the automotive industry, cars are my passion. They are my life. After 15 years of being in the car business, it was finally time for me to buy my first supercar. Today, I have just 30 cars. Nine of my favorite cars are on order. Most of them are hypercars. The collection is valued at just under $20 million.

These cars are not a financial investment. I buy them to enrich peoples’ lives. I enjoy sharing my cars with anyone and everyone who wants to ride in them. They were driven by more people than I could ever imagine, but I was able to see the entire collection rise in value to over $1 million. This market is crazy. It’s not clear that I want it all to change. It’s right where it is now.

My collection started out with classic cars. I stopped buying classic cars because they were so costly to maintain, and started looking into super- or hypercars. It was a lot more expensive and much more difficult to maintain super- or hypercars. They also break down as fast, if any, as they do with super- and hypercars. It became too difficult to manage all of this, so I hired Tommy. Tommy works 40 hours per week managing the entire collection. These include filling them with gas, cleaning them, and also doing tunes and modifications. The bulk of his time is spent making sure that they are repaired. Even now, we have five vehicles with major repairs.

These vehicles are worth between $30,000 and $50,000 per year. What sets hyper- and supercars apart from other cars — Chevys Fords Dodges Kias, Dodges, Dodges, Fords — when it comes to repairs is the fact that there are more expensive parts to replace. These are the most common problems I see. It doesn’t matter how small or inexpensive the repair is for a vehicle. But it will cost you 10X more to fix it for a supercar or hypercar. You will also find more problems when you modify or tune a vehicle.

Narrator, Why would Steve spend so much money on repairing and modifying his cars when he can see the cost in the long term? It’s what happens when you love driving.

Steve: This is my McLaren Senna. Only 500 were made. This was owned previously by Deadmau5. This is how he spec’d it. Although modifications to expensive cars are rare, I wanted an even better driving experience with this Senna. It took a solid year for the tune to be perfected. The tune has been in and around the shop for a year. This is because the engines are very finicky. This tune will probably run me at least $20,000, not including transportation costs to other shops.

I have five garages in my home where I keep all of the cars. My house can accommodate 15 cars using lifts. Iron Gate has additional storage space. It’s a huge collection of car collectors.

My unique selling point is my winter driving. I don’t care if there is snow on the ground. We took Bugatti out snowboarding and got it stuck so many times. But it’s all-wheel-drive and well worth it. I don’t mind snow, salt, or cold. However, I do have to clean them more often.

Narrator While collectors loves every car they have, especially if there are many worth more than a million, there is always one favorite.

Steve The Bugatti Chiron is my personal favorite vehicle in the fleet. It has an all-wheel drive so it can be driven all year. It is extremely comfortable. It has the most classic interior and is timeless. It has 1,500 horsepower and 16 cylinders. It just has a street presence that makes me feel a different reaction to the Chiron than any other vehicle. Although people are in awe at all the vehicles in the fleet they look with astonishment at the Bugatti it is a silent, jaw-dropping reaction. They simply love the Bugatti and have never seen it before. It’s worth slightly more than $3.2 million. I have put so much mileage on it.

The cars I have ordered and that will be arriving in the next year are what I am most excited about. The new Pagani Huayra replacement is coming, I have a Koenigsegg Jesko and a Koenigsegg Gemera. A Bugatti Chiron SS Bugatti Roadster, Tesla Cybertruck, and a Bugatti Urus. I may have forgotten a few more, but I am super excited to see these vehicles.

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