Xbox One user gets stuck on power button

While using his Xbox One, a gamer notices that a fly has infiltrated his console and managed to get stuck inside the power button.

Video game consoles, like other electronic devices, sometimes break down. While the reasons for these failures often vary, they are nonetheless frustrating for gamers. From the red ring of death on the Xbox 360 consoles to the joy-con drift problems on the Nintendo Switch, the problems behind many of these technological glitches have been well documented. However, sometimes weird things happen, like what recently happened to an Xbox One owner.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as Espiring shared a video from his Xbox One console. According to the gamer, his video game console suffered from an unusual parasite. Somehow, a fly had gotten into the machine. Also, it managed to get stuck on the power button of the Xbox One.

In the video shared by Espiring, they revealed that it was not a joke. After pulling the power button closer, a small black dot moved within the bright light. For the duration of the clip of about half a minute, the dark spot, presumably a fly, continued to slide stuck on the Xbox One.


Today, the origins of the fly on the power button remain a mystery. However, Espiring reached out to other Xbox One owners for advice on how to remove the fly, and many were quick to provide feedback. Some users suggested disarming the console to eliminate the error. Also, another player offered to turn off the Xbox and place it in a dark room with a light in the distance. They assumed that since he flies like light, he would come out of the console in an attempt to get closer to the light. However, others simply said to wait a week or so and the fly would die.

This unusual situation involving a fly stuck in a video game console has gained traction with the Xbox One community on Reddit. With more than 5,200 votes in favor in just a few days, many wondered how the insect had entered the system. Interestingly, this is not the first case of an insect infiltrating a game console. Another user claimed that someone he knew also found a fly on a console. In addition, after disassembling the system, the user’s friend found several beetles and a spider inside.

Hopefully, Espiring manages to remove the pesky fly from the Xbox One without damaging the components. While blaming your console malfunctioning on the go would be a practical excuse to buy a next-gen system, finding one of these new consoles is easier said than done. Due to low supply and overwhelming demand, the Xbox Series X and PS5 regularly sell out at retailers. Additionally, rumors of computer chip shortages continuing through 2022 suggest that the problem will persist for the foreseeable future.

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